Can out of state visitors buy and smoke weed when visiting Colorado?

While much about how the new Colorado marijuana legalization law will be applied is hazy, one thing is certain, many thousdands, if not millions of people from around the world are interested in traveling to Colorado to take part in toking up.

What's as clear as Cheech and Chong's bong is that the rules and regulations will be applied in the same manner to both to residents and tourists. The essence of the law is to treat marijuana like alcohol. Once the law takes effect in early January 2013, if you're over 21 you can buy, possess, and smoke weed in Colorado whether you live in Denver or you’re driving in from Kalamazoo or jetting in from Timbuktu.

Will there be marijuana shops like liquor stores? What about weed bars or coffee shops? While Colorado tourists will be allowed to buy and smoke marijuana just like in-state residents, where people will be able to purchase and smoke cannibis is unknown. Due to the fact that Marijuana is still illegal under Federal law and the lack of president in this coutry for regulation, Colorado lawmakers will tackle the difficult issues over the coming months and years.

As developments unfold, will be here to keep you up to date and to develop travel options that meet your need for weed (and skiing too).

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